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Game Name: Crossy Road
Developers: Matt Hall, Andy Sum, and Ben Weatherall
Release Date: November 20, 2014
Platforms: iPad®, iPhone®, Apple TV®, Windows Phone®, Google Play®, and Amazon appstore.
Languages: English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español, Português, русский язык, 正体字, 正體字, 日本語, 한국어, العربية

I've not heard of Hipster Whale before.

Matt: We’re brand new! Andy and I just founded Hipster Whale a couple of months ago.

Andy: That's right. Matt and I clicked quickly at GCAP 2013, and since then we've stayed in touch online, talking about new game ideas. One day Matt asked if I wanted to start working on a endless runner, and I said that I'd actually been playing with similar concepts myself! As the prototype picked up momentum we figured we should form a company.

So, this game is Free to Play?

Matt: Well, yeah. It is really important to me that Crossy Road reaches as many people as possible. Localization is one step toward achieving that goal and the other is to make the game free. A free game reaches at least 10x as many people as a premium game.

Andy: This is actually my first time creating a mobile title (if you don't count the star counting game I released as an experiment in 2010). We said early on that even if the game didn't make much money we would still be happy if it was a quality title that was played by a large number of people.

Matt: We talked extensively about the best way to monetize (are we allowed to say that word?) this game. We think we’ve come up with a fair system with no paywalls, no pop-up ads and a capped spend. A lot of good ideas came out of this decision to go free including our wide range of collectible characters.

Andy: Yeah, the characters were a lot of fun to put in the game. While Matt was doing boring UI stuff I had some free time to add lots of special effects. We tried to give each character its own personality so that every one of them is fun to play. I think my favourite is actually the Mallard - even though he doesn't do much. I just love the walk he quacks… kind of like he's really angry about the whole crossing-the-road situation.

How did you achieve the look?

Matt: I discovered the Qubicle tool a little while back while I was looking for ways to produce 3D game concepts quickly and easily by myself. I collaborated with Ben (the artist on my other upcoming game Deck War) on Discoverie for 7DFPS and we put the tool through its paces. Ben picked up Qubicle quickly and ran with it and has continued to create cool voxel artwork all year.

Andy: We tried to make something that appealed to a wide audience, and it's nice to see people pick up the game and immediately start smiling. Ben did a really great job with the character art.


* Collect custom made characters including Bunnies, Cats, Monsters and Unicorns.
* Endless freeways, railroads and rivers to hop over.
* Free to play. Light on your wallet.
* Voxel artwork by Ben Weatherall.


Game & Sound: Andy Sum
Game & Additional Art: Matt Hall
Art: Ben Weatherall

About Hipster Whale

Hipster Whale is a new Australian studio founded by Matthew Hall and Andrew Sum.

Matt Hall runs a one-man-band studio in regional Victoria called KlickTock and has four App Store #1 games: Doodle Find, Little Things, Little Things Forever and Crossy Road.

Andy Sum runs a Melbourne based studio called Jigxor, where he created the PC title Dungeon Dashers. He also regularly participates in game jams, creating experimental games such as GAME OF THE YEAR: 420BLAZEIT.


Twitter: Matt @klicktock, Andy @jigxorandy, Ben @sunraheadgear


Gameplay Launch Trailer:

Screenshots and Logos: (6MB .zip)
Assets inside the zip listed below:

Hipster Whale



2208x1242 with background

1920x1080 Character Collage

Screenshots - 1536x2048

Team Photo
Left to Right: Ben Weatherall, Andy Sum, Matt Hall.

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